Should I be present when the lid goes on the casket?




If you choose to work with Hardings Funerals, you will note that this is a question that is often asked of a family, “Do they wish to be present when the lid goes on the casket for the final time?”

The answer is so personal to each and every family. However, it is worth considering the following thoughts that we present here to you.

1 Closure. For many families, this opportunity to be there when the casket is closed is the final goodbye.

2 Emotional support. Being surrounded by your family and closest friends at this time can provide so much comfort. Sharing the experience will allow us to feel less isolated.

3 Regret prevention. Being present can help later feelings of regret. Being there gives you the opportunity to be there for your loved one during those final moments.

4 It is a pivotal point in the funeral process. This is the very last time you will see your loved one. While we get that it is hard, the very act of placing the lid on the casket is one where the transition to that of ancestor is very tangible.

It is important to remember that everyone experiences grief differently, what is right for you may not be right for someone else. Remember also that your ancestors are in fact your entourage. They have the ability to unite a family, just as divide it also. But if we view an ancestor from the fact they provide us with the very opportunity to pass down traditions and family values, then we have a very unique occasion where we might be able to foster a wonderful sense of belonging.