The Taranaki Senior Expo

Welcome to the Taranaki Senior Expo! This event is dedicated to the glorious golden generation – those of you who have been shaped by a lifetime of experiences but still have an eagerness to learn. Our aim is to empower you to make informed decisions about your everyday life.

Come on down to the senior expo Wednesday 20th November 2024 for a light-hearted and informative day filled with insightful information from those who are in the industry of living life to its fullest.

Did we mention Jason Gunn will be attending for a bit of a chin wag with us all? You know him, the television and radio personality, he’s pretty much a national treasure. Jason will be sharing his thoughts and experiences on grief on the day of the expo. We are also hosting him for an exclusive breakfast, open to business owners and stall holders. If you’d like to share a cuppa with Jason and maybe a bit of a full monty, get in touch with our snazzy event organiser Kelly to secure your spot.

With industry experts from fitness, health, and well-being to entertainment and lifestyle, stallholders are at your service.

The reasons to go:


Inquire with the many fitness, health, and wellbeing stallholders about which they believe is better for the elderly: Pilates or yoga?

Spark up a conversation with any of the lawyers and estate experts present about how you can avoid your favourite pair of sunglasses ending up with your disliked second cousin once removed on your sister’s side.

Compare which social groups offer the most enticing social calendar and the most single members?

Or uncover which wheelchair provider offers turbo-charged chairs.

Discover which cruises offer the most extravagant way to spend your children’s inheritance – (just kidding, mostly).

Find the funniest older influencers on social media to inspire your lifestyle (or learn what an influencer is).

What to expect on the day

11am — Doors open

11am — Legal and Accountancy Presentation

12pm — Fitness in your fantastic twilights

1pmJason Gunn’s Keynote Presentation

2pm — Hardings Funerals Presentation

2:30pm — Headstone Sand Blasting Demonstration

Get all these curious questions answered and meet like-minded individuals in a lighthearted environment that not only sees death as the greatest adventure but focuses on building a legacy worthy of a lifetime. Does your legacy include a sunrise or sunset? Will it celebrate all the wonderful obscure oddities and beautiful characteristics that make up a life? Will your legacy be guided by your values, greatest achievements, and legacy of love? Will your legacy be fun? Yes, fun, we believe in that too.

We know at this age you’ve probably seen it all, but do you know it all? This is why we have humbly accepted the challenge to host an expo dedicated to learning a little, laughing a lot, and making the often troubling trouble-free!


Here are all the event offerings and details:

When: 20th November 2024

Time: 11am